Who is this course for?

This course is for people who are ready to invest time and energy into themselves, who are ready for personal healing, and who have felt called to Ayurveda.  When you heard about Ayurveda and went 'ah hah!' it was no mistake.

This course helps people with stubborn digestive imbalances like IBS, pain, bloating, chronic constipation and more, who are looking for a natural solution.

I created this course for a past version of myself - someone who felt on the precipice of change, found yoga as a compass, wanted to learn more about food and cooking for healing, and wasn't sure where to go next!  This is the course I wish I had found to take alongside my first yoga teacher training.

Past members report:

  • I have a better routine. 
  • I have better digestion. 
  • I manage stress better. 
  • My yoga and meditation practice has improved. 
  • I know how to eat with the seasons. 
  • I make better food choices. 
  • I know more about eating for my body type. 

How does the course work?  Like, how can it be live and online?

Think of The Healing Diet like an online college course. Ten weeks long, about 3 hours per week (2 on your own time, one live each Saturday morning through webinar.)

Live group calls: 1 hour per week There is a live call every week to keep you on track and accountable for your progress within the course. The live component is still done at a distance - through conference calls with Adena and the whole group. 

Lectures: 1 hour per week This is the 'meat' of your course. The lectures can be streamed online or downloaded. They're pretty packed full of information, so you might want to listen to them a  few times.  This is where you'll get the solid Ayurvedic framework we are going to be working off of.

Guest teachers: 1 hour per week Listen to inspiring interviews with Ayurvedic practitioners and whole foods educators including Dr. Claudia Welch, Cate Stillman, Lisa Mase, Myra Lewin, Jessica Prentice, Sarajean Rudman, Larissa Hall Carlson, Allison Morse, Nadya Andreeva and more...

Online classroom: You will be provided access to our online classroom about 1 week before the course begins.  Here is where all of your lectures, as well as call-in information, guest interviews, recorded live calls, and link to Facebook forum will be kept for you. It is password protected, and only available to current THD (The Healing Diet) members.

Facebook group: You will have 24/7 access to a private Facebook group open to current THD (The Healing Diet) members only.  Ask questions, share photos, recipes, and results with our community.

Handbook: You will receive a digital handbook to help guide you through the course information.  There will be some helpful worksheets, as well as notes outlining the lectures, so you know what's upcoming, as well as won't have to worry about taking many notes yourself.  Included are also resources, as well as some new Ayurvedic recipes to try.

Teach Ayurveda: We learn best when we teach.  The 9th and 10th live calls will be led by student presentations.  This could be anything from a 5 minute share on your ah hah moment, to a blog post you've formulated about a food or herb you've wanted to research, to a report on a live Ayurvedic workshop you held at work or your local natural foods store.

What is the time commitment?

As you may have gleaned from above, the ideal time commitment is 3 hours per week.  This includes one live conference call, 1 recorded lecture, and 1 recorded supplemental guest interview.  Once you register, you will be given information about how to most efficiently carve out time to make for this program in your life.

When do we meet live?

The next session will begin on SEPTEMBER 30, 2017.  We meet on Saturdays at 10 a.m. ET by phone.  All times are Eastern Time: Saturday mornings beginning September 30, 2017 *Subject to change with much advance notice to students

What if I need to miss one of live calls?

All of the live calls for your group will be recorded, and put in your online classroom for download.

Are there any books I need to read along with the course?

There is no required reading.  You will be provided a handbook, in digital format, along with the course which includes some worksheets.  Within the lessons, sometimes there are external articles suggested, but links will be provided.

Some of our most recommended books:

  • Path of Practice, Maya Tiwari
  • Freedom in Your Relationship with Food, Myra Lewin
  • Simple Ayurvedic Recipes, Myra Lewin
  • Balance your Hormones, Balance your Life, Dr. Claudia Welch
  • Women's Power to Heal, Maya Tiwari
  • Prakriti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution, Dr. Robert Svoboda
  • Yoga and Ayuveda: Self Healing and Self Realization, Dr. David Frawley

How many other people are in the course?

The course is limited to 25 participants, in order to keep a lively, but intimate group.  Your interests and personal goals won't get lost, and you'll have plenty of chances to join in on the live calls.

What if questions come up?

There is a private Facebook group which you will be added to once you register.  It is for current members only.  You can ask questions to Adena there, post photos, articles, recipes, find accountability partners, and share anything you're thinking or feeling in regards to these changes! It's an important way to strengthen our community.

How much does it cost?

I value this information, and this process at $750 USD. I am open to hearing how you value it, and engaging in conversation about satisfying exchange of resources in all forms of currency.  Apply now.

Transformation takes pushing the edge of your comfort zone in unexpected ways.  This isn't a cop out - I've been there.  (And I've also invested 10's of thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours in learning what I want to share with you!)

If cost is truly your only concern, I will not turn you away due to lack of funds.  This information is an investment in yourself and your health for the rest of your life - I really believe this, and I experience it in my own life daily.


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What's Next?

Apply today and schedule your free 20 minute phone interview.

After THD, you are eligible to join the Mentorship program - for those who are loving the changes they've made, and want to share them with others in a safe, effective way!

If you have any further questions, contact me: adena@adenaroseayurveda.com, or use the contact form here.