What's the next step after THD?  

My students often feel so good they are ready to share this stuff with others.  

Do you want to bring Ayurveda to your clients, colleagues, family and friends?  Are you an Ayurvedic Health Counselor or Practitioner, but need some support getting yourself out into your community? Or your practice started?


You must be a current or past member of THD to apply OR an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. Email me if you have any questions or feel you have other adequate background.

This mentorship is for you if:

  • You've adopted practices from Ayurveda and you feel better
  • You find yourself saying "You've got high Vata," and people stare blankly at you ("But really, Abhyanga will save you!")
  • You're an action taker
  • You've got an idea but need help making it a reality
  • You don't need any fancy title, you just want to spread the 'good stuff'
  • You're ready for affordable one on one guidance


We will develop these kinds of ideas into reality:

I’m a nurse and I know my colleagues need some of the self care stuff. Can you help me develop a workshop that will make Ayurveda feel authentic, as well as attractive, to them?
Can I teach a Vata balancing yoga class series? We didn’t talk very specifically about yoga, so I’m not sure how to bring the gunas into my classes.
I want to make nourishing meals for my postpartum doula clients. I remember that agni is important, but how does that translate into ‘real food’ and recipes for mamas? I don’t know where to start.
I am an herbalist and I want to learn how to bring some of the Ayurvedic self care practices to my clients. Especially abhyanga. It seems so straightforward, but is it dangerous? Like which clients is it safe for? Who shouldn’t do it?


How it will work:

1. I need 4 committed members to start in January 2018 - date TBD. APPLY HERE. The cost of the Mentorship is $449.

2. This will be an 8 week program. We will meet by phone once per week.  Each member will receive 2 hour-long one on one consultations to develop your business or workshop idea.  Each other member will listen in and learn vicariously through others questions and development.

3. There will be guiding worksheets and pointed questions which will help you get organized and develop your idea into reality.  

4. Be ready to take action! In order to complete the mentorship, it will be recommended you plan to bring action in your community (or the sharing avenue of your choice) by the end of the mentorship.

5. At this time, there will not be additional Ayurveda info or lectures, but we will most-likely be called to review the recordings or interviews from THD that are relevant to members questions.

This mentorship becomes what you make it.  You guide the process. Let's make it happen!