You are a great teacher and bring a very clear understanding of a deep topic. I thought this course was going to be about food (and of course it was) but it was so much more. My routines are just that- they are part of my life now- something I do for me.
— J.B., VT
I’m having zero digestive issues. My sleep has also improved.

— R.S., NYC

I’ve tossed away my expensive creams and replaced them with sesame oil or coconut oil depending on the weather for moisturizing. My rosacea is gone! During the 10 week course I dropped 18 pounds.. My blood sugars have come down from the 180’s to the 120’s.
— Fall 2015 Member
My mind has become much quieter. After many years on and off ayurveda diet and lifestyle I finally had the experience of being able to connect what went into and onto my body with the way I felt mentally. It was huge.
— Fall 2015 Member
I’ve tried making food lists and meal plans soooo many times. But I’ve never been able to follow it.... Has always felt too rigid and “authoritative” (even if I made the plan).
So this time I tried just living it without writing it down - and just really let qualities be my guide in response to how I was feeling it that moment. I also decided to only eat when I’m hungry, no snacking unless I truly need it, and make respecting my Agni top priority. Yesterday I went back and recalled my meals and content - and as it turns out this is the “best” week I’ve ever had living Ayurveda. Thank you Adena and everyone from the bottom of my heart. Finally letting go of the brainwash and finding deep peace (no guilt) in Self trust and Care.
— L. O., RI
Words really can’t express the profound paradigm changes, aha moments and how everything builds on what we learned before. It truly is a healing diet in every sense of the word.

Adena, I can’t thank you enough for how you serve us all so beautifully. Thank you for being you.
— Anonymous
“Thank you soooooo much its hard to express what this course has done for me and what I know it will…but most importantly that I really feel I have found someone who can guide me through this journey! Your way of bringing complex teachings into a simple and profound way for me has an inspiration to me and I know I’m not the only one.”

— P.E., AZ

I’m Just sitting on the floor in the Sunshine, listening to the wind howl against the building, smelling the healing aroma of Mung Bean Sweet Potato soup... And I just realized, I have Zero Anxiety. I feel SO Grateful to have been in the presence, conversation, support of All you beautiful people on your journeys....The gratitude I have for all of you and your willingness to be vulnerable and grow literally can not be expressed here. Once again that you for helping to to re-gain trust in myself.

I finally feel like I’m finding cooling and peace. I have tears in my eyes as I write this.
— L. C., RI
“It was very helpful to have a loving reminder, education and presence of mindful eating for these past 10 weeks…I found inspiration to stay with Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet, when I might otherwise fall back to old habitual eating patterns…I am feeling much better this Fall than I normally do!”

— M.A., VT

“I have a deeper understanding and connection in what I’m pursuing at the moment…..mentally its great to feel I can support myself and…when something is unbalanced I can see the reason and make the changes. I love the connection to the natural rhythms of life….to a larger place in the universe.”

— P.K., AZ

Working with Adena helped me to really walk my talk. I am in the wellness industry and practicing what I preach can be tricky at times. Adena has inspired me to create a morning and evening routine that support how I want to live. She has guided me to a spacious place where it’s easier to hear and tend to my bodies needs. Just being around Adena inspires one to want to take self-care to a whole new level.
— K.R., VT
You really got through to me about how things work inside me, especially my digestive system. It was during a time in my life where I felt my waste and toxins needed to be gone and I needed my body to have a fresh start.
— R.K., VT
…the food combining information as well as the way I eat foods has changed my digestion dramatically.
— T.O., VT