1 | Discover your Elemental Makeup

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Welcome to week #1!  In this lesson we will dive into the basic building blocks of Ayurveda.  Solidify your understanding of your body type, and the doshas internally and externally.  We will learn about the gunas, or 20 qualities, which tell us which element/dosha is present in anything - from our body, our food to our ever-changing environment.



a) Your Elemental Nature

b) Your Current State of Balance

c) The 20 Gunas

The Healing Diet: Sides

Crimes Against Wisdom with Sarajean Rudman

If you are interested to take this knowledge deeper, watch to this side interview between me and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Sarajean Rudman, who talks about ‘Crimes against Wisdom’ and the cause of disease in Ayurveda.

  •  Includes a priceless practice for cultivating intuition and mindfulness


How to get the most out of this lesson:

1. Open up and fill out the documents as I mention them in the recording

2. Post the top 3 qualities you’ve noticed in your food/diet this week on The Healing Diet Facebook Forum. Don't overthink it - just share your immediate sensations.

3. Which doshas do you feel are the most relevant for you to be aware of at this time?