2 | Finding Freedom in Routine

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This lesson is an invaluable introduction to the self care practices of Ayurveda.  We will dive more deeply in later lessons.  This word, Dinacharya, is how we begin to align our biorhythms with the larger forces of nature.  These practices, in conjunction with diet changes, are what set Ayurveda apart from other modalities which use food as medicine.

WORKSHEETS to OPEN or PRINT, and Supplemental Articles:

a) VPK Daily Routine Focus

b) EBOOK (Must be purchased, but well worth the few bucks!): Dinacharya: Changing Lives through Daily Living by Dr. Claudia Welch


The Healing Diet: Sides

The Process of Healing with Cate Stillman

If you are interested to take this knowledge deeper, watch to this side interview between me and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Cate Stillman.   The password for viewing the video is practicalmagic.

We discuss:

  •  How healing is moving from the gross to the subtle

  •  How healing is about inter-connectivity

  •  How healing is about coming into your Self

  •  It’s not always pretty, and that’s okay


How to get the most out of this lesson:

1. Open up the document and read along as you listen to the recording.

2. Post your challenges, or your successes with integrating the suggested 3 daily practices on The Healing Diet Facebook group.

3. Read Dr. Welch’s article on Dinacharya for a full list of self care practices.