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Agni is everything.  This is a lesson about the how and the when, and why that is often more important than the what in Ayurveda.  Learn about your metabolic fire, and how that can be as individual as your constitution, and maybe more important.  Agni is connected to our immunity, our ability to fight off disease, and heal from imbalance.

Worksheets and supplements to download:

a) Tips for Optimal Digestion

b) Masala Recipes : Spice Blends for your Agni

c) How to make your own Ghee


The Healing Diet: Sides

 Talking Ojas and True Nourishment with Larissa Hall Carlson

Video password: practicalmagic

  • What it means to be nourished
  • The importance of all the senses

  • Living an authentic life

  • Ojas and satisfaction


How to get the most out of this lesson:

1. Which spice blend are you going to try?  How did you use it? Tell us, or even share a photo, onTHD Facebook Group

2. You might like to revisit Sarajean’s interview for the intuition/mindfulness practice

Resources mentioned:

Suribachi, Japanese spice grinder

The Path of Practice, by Maya Tiwari