4 | The Hardest Part: Mindfulness

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In this lesson, you're introduced to another way to discover the elements in your food choices - diver deep into the 6 Tastes.  Learn why Food Combining is important for taking care of agni (especially when it's compromised to begin with.) We will create or adopt a gratitude ritual, and discover that the hardest part is sometimes Mindfulness.

WORKSHEETS to OPEN or PRINT, and Supplemental Articles:

a) Food Combining Info (Courtesy of The Ayurvedic Institute)

b) Gratitude Rituals to Try

c) Tastes affects on the Doshas


The Healing Diet: Sides

Eating for Healing with Lisa Mase

If you are interested to take this knowledge deeper, watch to this side interview between me and Whole Foods Educator and Herbalist, Lisa Mase. We discuss mindfulness practices, and culture around food.  The password for viewing the video is practicalmagic.

  • Shaping culture around food

  • Why mindfulness is so important

  • Mindfulness practices and gratitude rituals around food

  • Important aspects of meal-planning

  • Find recipes using local and traditional foods from HarmonizedCookery.com


How to get the most out of this lesson:

1. This week, choose a gratitude ritual that you feel inclined to, perhaps one from the worksheet, and incorporate that into meal time. Share it on the Facebook group.

2. If you struggle with digestive symptoms, or feel ‘toxic’ take a closer look at how the poor food combinations show up in your meals.  Make a shift.

3. Check out your tongue each morning in the mirror.  Try a tongue scraper. The surface of your tongue shows you more about your state of digestion.

3. Dare you to post a pic of your tongue on Facebook!