9 | Healing for the Rest of Your Life


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The doshas influence different stages of our lives as well.  This information is meant to be a common ground to return to year after year, season after season.  Let's talk about how the information you now now will shift as you shift.  We'll also hear about the Ayurvedic perspective on using meat as medicine.


a) High Protein Food list - Vegetarian and Non

b) More Vata Balancing Recipes

c) Freedom in Your Relationship with Food, Myra Lewin

d) Simple Ayurvedic Recipes, Myra Lewin



The Healing Diet: Sides


Freedom in your Relationship with Food with Myra Lewin of HalePule Ayurveda and Yoga (video)


  • Do you have to be a vegetarian to be healthy?
  • Being healthy vs Feeling better
  • Where do yoga and Ayurveda overlap?